Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flower Girls and Umbrellas!

My daughters were flower girls in a wedding this past weekend and we had so much fun! The weather did not cooperate, however every cloud has a silver lining because the umbrellas used in the photographs were so gorgeous and made the photos unique. I think it turned out to be a blessing that it rained! 
Source: Sara Colket Photography

(click on photo to view larger)


  1. great photos and beautiful wedding! I love the umbrellas!
    im a new follower, id love a follow back

  2. Hi!!! I'm stopping by and following from Tuesday Friend Connect. I hope you'll check out my blog Frazzled Mama at http://frazzled-mama.com and follow me back.

    Beautiful pictures. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Oh my!! These Pictures are beyond gorgeous! So glad i found you on tuesday's blog hop!

    Would love if you followed back!!

  4. great pictures. I am your newest follower, please follow me back at lefthandedideas.com

  5. What lovely pictures :) And your home is beautiful! Stopping in to follow from the hop. Hope you can visit soon and return the favor. http://www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com

  6. what gorgeous photos!!
    i love the umbrellas, it totally adds a unique flair to wedding pics!!

  7. I think your blog is really beautiful (coming by from the hop), but I'm having a really hard time reading it because the font color is so light. Sorry.



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