Thursday, August 4, 2011


Checking one off of the Bucket list this week!  
I rented a Stand-up Paddleboard and have been loving every minute of it!!  It is easy enough to do on still water but yet still gives you a decent workout. Obviously it gets more difficult on choppier waters, but I am addicted. I love that I can throw the kiddos on the board and paddle around with them too. It is fun for the whole family and can keep you in shape too... lord knows I need it after all those summer ice cream cones!! I hope you are all enjoying your summer too, the weather here has been wonderful!


  1. Great job!!! That's awesome!
    I love crossing things off of my bucket list.

  2. You look great on the paddle and heaps of fun with the kiddos too. I'm your newest follower

  3. Looks like fun, I love opportunities to try new activities. Looks like a fun family day!! Visiting from the Homemaker by Choice blog hop.

  4. I am from the Bahamas so this is familiar territory for me. I love that you are enjoying it all with the kids and helping them to build wonderful memories of the beach. I am grown now but beaching it with my parents are right up there with my most cherished memories.

    Following from a blog hop, all the best.

  5. I have always wanted to learn to paddleboard. You are definitely motivating me to get out to the beach and give it a try!




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