Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Magazine Junkie

I am such a magazine junkie, so it's been a little bit of heaven lounging on the beach all week strolling through pages and pages of useful and useless information. There is nothing better than relaxing in a cozy beach chair, with a bottled water in hand and becoming totally immersed in the latest Cosmo.. it is such a guilty pleasure!  

I thought I would share with you a few items that caught my attention during my magazine indulging...

Seriously, why haven't they come out with this ages ago? 
With the summer sun comes damaging sun rays, so it’s more important than ever to protect skin with SPF. This year, instead of slathering on ho hum sun protection, give your skin an instant boost with Hawaiian Tropic® Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen.  
I love me some sparkle!

OMG, I must find one of these in my area! I am a true believer that a good brow shape can transform your look. I recently switched to new waxer-gal who shaped my brows and taught me how to use a brow brush with powder... I cannot believe what a difference it made! Of course, it looks more amazing when a Pro does it so this would be key before a special night out.
Great Idea Benefit!

Loving the high slit on this maxi skirt by Helmut Lang! 
It is so subtly sexy. Pair it with a simple tank or dress it up with 
a flowy top for a more sophisticated look.

Oh yes, this is a must have!
Embrace a little of the jungle this autumn with the brand’s inspiration by Dior’s muse, Mitzah Bricard. Focusing on her love of leopard print, this set features three new products, but just like the rare leopard itself, it’s limited edition and sure to disappear fast!

I am dying to try this!! 
The Brazilian Blowout at the salon is fabulous and leaves you frizz-free, however it is time consuming and pricey! If this product actually works well that will save me time and $$$.

I will leave all the tid-bits of info I learned from Cosmo to myself as it is sooo not family friendly, but so much fun to read! 


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  2. Lounging on the beach reading is the BEST!

  3. Hi! I dream of the beach! I am a new GFC follower from the Thursday Blog Hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi & return follow! :)

  4. I've been thinking about having my brows shaped but have been hesitant because of some of the bad brow shaping jobs I've seen.
    Maybe it's time for me to reconsider and find a professional.

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