Friday, July 8, 2011

The Love of an Outdoor Shower

I just got home from a few days relaxing at our beach house. Our place is small enough so that the maintenance doesn't keep us from enjoying ourselves, yet large enough to entertain and have overnight guests comfortably. I will post a photo tour of our home away from home in the near future.  My very favorite space in our house is the outdoor shower! There is something about showering outside as the trees look down upon me that is so incredibly freeing and instantly takes me away from it all.

Calgon, take me away......

Tub Envy

Simple and pretty... just my style!

The white is so lovely, but I could never keep this clean enough with my 2 little ones!



This picture has inspired me to add a little color to mine!  Love it.

Love the floor

New England

Trellis is pretty, but watch out for thorns!


  1. Tub Envy looks like a slice of paradise as well as "Ahhhhhh". A few of those designs might be a little too “outdoor” for my neighbors’ liking. Soothing post.

  2. I too love these outdoor shower. Tub Envy is great. Wish to have it soon into my backyard. I hope that would make something beautiful lifestyle for me.



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