Sunday, July 24, 2011

I can see the light....

Happy Sunday All. 
I can finally see the light at the end of this very long renovation tunnel. This house has by far been the biggest challenge to date. I lucked out with our first few houses and turned them over quickly and with little pain. We ran into a lot of structural damage with this house and also had some issues with our contractors this time around. You would think in a bad economy people would be eager to get paid... but that is the nature of the business sometimes. Anyhow, we got all the structural issues fixed properly and within code and now we are finally onto the finishing touches.

The fun part is when it all starts to come together and you start seeing all of your hard work, patience and money coming together. 

Finally, finished walls, this is very exciting!

Bye Bye old ugly appliances!!

Hello shiny new appliances!

Got the color right this time around and the new windows are in. YAY! 
However, the hideous front door still needs to be addressed!

New Bathtub


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Following you back!
    Jen @ My Secret Home

  2. Awesome. I love your house photos. I am following you back a few days late from Hop Along Friday. I was on vacation:)

  3. Thanks for stopping by the Get Wired Weds blog hop! Love seeing the progress of your home renovation! Following you back!
    Tomi @ Three Boys and an Old Lady

  4. Lots of hard work for sure, but the satisfaction of doing it yourself and seeing the process is priceless.

    Stopping by to thank you for participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.
    Have a great evening!


  5. Hi

    just found your blog I'm very new to blogging would love you to come over and join my sisterhood I'm also about to renovate my bathroom too. Will visit often you have some great ideas. Talk soon

    Always Wendy



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