Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving Right Along

Our fabulous Plumber, Steve
So we are still working on the not so fancy parts of the Flip house.  We got our new water heater and boiler installed by our fabulous plumber Steve.... having a good plumber, electrician, handyman and mechanic are essential in ones life!!  The electricity, water and gas are now all up and running and passed inspection, so I am moving right along and can start concentrating on some of the more aesthetic aspects of the house.  This week I am going to start getting all the windows in the house replaced and repaired, they are a hot mess!  I will also shop for the best deals on appliances and try to get them ordered.  I finally feel like I am making progress as I got off to a slow start with all the piping issues. 

I will also be posting some after photos later this week of my home projects... my camera is still in the shop!!  I am so lost without it. =(
Have a wonderful week everyone~

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